Pay directly online

Online payment with username and password
To pay immediately, you can log onto our Customer Service Center with 16-digit number from the letter. After logging in you can open your case file. You will see a summary of outstanding invoices and any letters sent earlier.

How to object
Do you need to object to the notice or reminder you have received? You can do this by registering here using the 16-digit number from the letter and your email address. We will send you a username and password by email. Use this combination of username and password to log in to the Service Center. Here you can write the formal protest.

Please note! You may be asked to send receipts and / or previous correspondence along with your protest.

No username and password?

Did you not receive a username and password after completing your registration? Please email us quoting the 16-digit number of the letter to: We will send you a username and password as soon as possible.

Any more questions?
Always call if you do have questions or if something is still unclear. We are here to help!