Resolving incidents
Sometimes your customer has a reason for not paying . Perhaps the delivery has been returned or arrived damaged. Or maybe a payment has not been properly administered. Using the Debtor Service Centre, a debtor can quickly and easily make his objections known.

Ease of payment
There should be nothing preventing your customers from paying.  IMEurope offers your customers a wide variety of payment options. Giro, direct debit, cash payments at GWK offices, or paying by iDeal or credit card … The more options offered, the greater the chance of a prompt payment. The same goes for payment plans. We are as flexible as you want to be!

Debtor Service Centre
The Debtor Service Centre grants customers 24/7 access to their records and lets them pay their bills, or otherwise respond to your invoice or reminder. The Debtor Service Centre has been carefully set up for high conversion rates.

Incidental default handling
Some slow payers will turn out to be defaulters. It is important to quickly discern between well-meaning customers and the persons or companies that routinely push the limits and test your patience. By giving your debtors opportunities to show their good intentions, defaulters will soon stand out by their behaviour and can be dealt with more sternly.

Debt Collection

You want to collect quickly, but also cherish your customers. IMEurope understands the importance of addressing your customers with the right tone of voice. Experience teaches us that many debtors  are well-meaning customers with a cash flow problem. Our high collection score proves that kindness pays off.

Court proceedings
Sometimes there is no escaping it. When you and your debtor structurally disagree, we will go after what’s yours though the courts. As going to court can be costly and time consuming, it is crucial to objectively ascertain your legal options in order to realistically assess your chances of a successful ruling. Our experienced legal team would be glad to stand by your side.

When the court has ruled, it is important to move quickly. In the execution of a court order IMEurope works with carefully vetted bailiffs, who agree that your interests are in their best interests.